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Premiere Pro Essential Skills CC

Length: 1 Day    Cost: $575 + GST    Version: Premiere Pro

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About this Course

A head-first jump into using this advanced video editing suite. Adobe Premiere Pro is a tool that compiles video footage together with digital video camera content and image stills. In this 1 day course, you will use Adobe Premiere Pro to construct completed video foot- age for output into multiple file types for streaming and DVD playback.

Please note you will need to bring your own Creative Cloud login


  • Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite products
  • An understanding of video cameras and shooting video footage
  • Your own Creative Cloud login required

Course Outline

Create new Projects and Sequences

Setting up Premiere Pro with the right settings for online streaming and production quality video.

Navigating the Workspace
Become familiar with the function panels/drop down menus/toolbox and the Timeline

Capturing video from Cameras/Disk/Flash Cards
Plugin video camera to capture footage. Import video file directly from USB sticks and devices. Drag and Drop media directly from the hard drive or browse using the Media Browser.

Assembling a Sequence of clips
Locate and add clips to the timeline with common drag and drop options. Add clips with in and out points for larger video files.

Editing Clips in a Sequence
Get up to speed with the clip editing tools and the basic principles of time based editing.

Using Stills, Effects and Transitions
Adding the extra touch to your video files. We will drop in other elements to enhance your movie and tie it all together with effects and plugins.

Compositing video files
In-depth look at masking and green screen compositing and image mode settings.

Creating Title and Rolling Credits
Adding text to video as overlays.

Adding Audio
Look at the ways audio will enhance your movie. Syncing audio to the timeline explained

Discuss the different output options and the cleaning up of the job when completed

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