Windows Getting Started

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Perfect for picking up a new skill. This course is designed to take the mystery out of operating your computer. A confidence building, hands-on experience with Windows computer and applications. We will cover mouse and keyboard navigation, locking your computer, changing your password and define new terms such as taskbar, desktop, file manager.

Are you moving into a new job or looking to change jobs or careers? Not currently comfortable using computers but think you'll need to use them in your new job? Then this course is for you

There are no pre-requisites for this course. Anyone can attend this course. Bring an open mind and a desire to learn.

Build your confidence and knowledge for working with computers. At the end of this course you will have a basic understanding of Windows computers.

Introduction to Windows

• What makes up a computer? Understanding the Hardware and Software to make a computer work.

The Windows Desktop

• Get familiar with the names and parts of the typical windows screen.

Using the Mouse

• Identify the number of different actions possible with the mouse to use a computer.

Controlling Windows

• Learn to size a window to fill your screen or how to enable multiple program windows to be displayed at the same time.

Starting Programs

• Learn to search for programs installed on your computer.

The Taskbar

• Pin frequently used programs to make them easier to start when needed. Understand how to switch between multiple windows you may have open for a single program.

Switching Between Applications

• Learn how to switch quickly from one program to another when you need to have multiple programs open.

Keyboard Navigation

• Get familiar with the important keys on the keyboard and how they work.

Using Menus

• How to use a menu to access commands to carry out actions.

File Management Using Applications

• How within a program you can create a new document to work on, save it with a name, and once closed how to be able to reopen it.

Customising the Desktop

• Personalise the background for your desktop and identify options available to reposition the taskbar.


• Identify the programs installed. For example, what is the Snipping tool used for?

Locking your Computer and Logging Off

• How to secure your computer before you leave to have a break or logging off if sharing the computer with another user.

Changing Your Password

• Update your windows password to a new one if worried someone else knows your current password.

Shutting Down Windows

• How to close a computer down or how to restart it if you are having problems with how the computer is running.