Train the Trainer

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This course is designed to provide the fundamental concepts of adult training in a commercial environment. It will provide the fundamental knowledge to prepare you to achieve certification in tests such as the CompTIA Certified Train the Trainer (CTT+).

Designed for attendees who want to have fun and learn more about how to train people with diverse ability and different learning styles.

It is essential that attendees are working in the technical education environment and have appropriate technical knowledge.

  1. Planning prior to the course

    Review Learning Objectives and Match Them to Learner and Organizational Needs. Create an Environment Conducive to Learning
  2. Methods and Media for Instructional Delivery

    Select and Implement Delivery Methods. Use Instructional Media.
  3. Instructor Credibility and Communications

    Demonstrate Professional Conduct and Content Expertise. Use Communication and Presentation Skills to Facilitate Learning
  4. Group Facilitation

    Establish and Maintain a Learner-Centred Environment. Use a Variety Question Types and Techniques. Address Learner Needs for Additional Explanation and Encouragement. Motivate and Reinforce Learners.
  5. Evaluate the Training Event

    Evaluate Learner Performance Throughout the Training Event. Evaluate Trainer Performance and Delivery of Course.
  6. Preparation for Tests

    The Computer Based Test is a test of knowledge assessment designed around multi-choice questions. Strategies and practice. The Video Based Test is to assess training skills. Strategies, scoring and practice.