Team Up with Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams promotes team work. It is a completely customisable workspace to focus your attention where it needs to be and increase collaboration. Learn how to use Microsoft Teams effectively, no matter how it has been customised for your business. Chat, share files and information, have meetings and get the important updates and notifications that you need to collaborate and increase productivity

Anyone working with or looking to operate in the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams environment.

Some familiarity with Microsoft Office would be an advantage.

By the end of the course you will know your way around the Teams interface. No longer waste your time looking for that project file or monthly report, it’s all at your fingertips! In this interactive session, you will:

  • Open Microsoft Teams on your computer or web browser
  • Join a team and accept invitations to Teams
  • Get help and navigate around the Teams interface
  • Co-author a team document
  • Discuss changes with team members while editing and viewing documents
  • Find and share documents within the Team interface
  • Create a new channel within your Team
  • Discuss how Teams stores and organises your information and the best ways to make use of it
  • Use tabs to display information such as files, libraries and surveys
  • Use connectors to get regular updates from your favourite apps
  • Understand what permissions you have as a team member
  • Use the conversation pane to add emojis, GIFs and attachments
  • Schedule a meeting from within Microsoft Teams (and see it in your Outlook calendar)
  • Create a team memo
  • Chat privately with an individual or just a small group
  • Control what notifications you receive
  • Follow and unfollow channels
  • Filter your activity thread
  • Search for information within Teams

Module 1: Collaborate with documents

Where did that project information go? I just sent it…. Work with a Test Team to see how Microsoft Teams stores and organises your information, and discuss the best ways to use it. Co-author a team document and discuss changes with your team members at the same time.

Module 2: Information at your fingertips

Explore options for bringng other content into your team and take note of your favourites. Discuss which options are available to all team members always, and which options can be turned on and off by the Team Owner.

Module 3: Communicate effectively

Use Teams chat, meetings and video calls to interact with your team. Spice things up with a GIF or emoji and turn that dragging afternoon meeting into a fun, productive session.

Module 4: What's new?

One of the fantastic features of teams is its ability to keep members up to date, even if they’ve been away. But no one wants their phone buzzing constantly. Learn how to filter the notifications you receive and quickly find the new information that you’ve missed while you were away