SharePoint Introduction

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Did you know that you get an entire SharePoint site collection every time you create a new Team in Microsoft Teams? This course is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the features of SharePoint Online, but can apply to SharePoint 2013 and 2016 too.

SharePoint serves two primary functions; document management system and intranet site. You will get hands-on practice developing both during this 1 day introduction course.

Anyone who uses Microsoft Teams will benefit from this course. If you are a Team Owner or super user in Microsoft Teams, then you definitely want to learn about all the functionality available to you, which this course will cover.

SharePoint super users, site owners and managers who are new to SharePoint and looking to get an introduction to what SharePoint has to offer should also consider this course.

No prior SharePoint knowledge or experience is required for this course. We recommend that attendees are comfortable with basic computer skills, such as editing and saving documents, filtering lists, copy/paste and are able to navigate a web browser.

In this hands-on course, you will create your own SharePoint site collection. Using your fellow classmates as your audience, you will:

  • Assign basic access and permissions to access your SharePoint site
  • Customise the Quick Launch menu to make it easier for your audience to navigate
  • Update Regional Settings for your site
  • Create a variety of SharePoint lists (also called “Lists” in Teams and Microsoft 365)
  • Filter and group SharePoint lists using Views
  • Collaborate on documents in SharePoint Document Library
  • Create a new Document Library and edit Versioning Settings
  • Sync Outlook enabled SharePoint lists to Outlook
  • Create SharePoint site, news and home pages for your site
  • Customise the look and feel of your SharePoint site

What is SharePoint

Introduction to SharePoint and its key functionalities.

Creating Site Collections

Introduction to SharePoint permissions and architecture: Site Collections, Sites and Subsites. In SharePoint Online we’ll also discuss how Microsoft Teams, the Office 365 Admin Center and Office 365 Groups all form part of this architecture.

SharePoint Navigation

Find your way around within site collections and navigate from one collection to another.


This is the core app for SharePoint and will provide foundational knowledge key to understanding how to work with Document Libraries too.

Date formats – Regional Settings

Dates the wrong way around? You need to set this for each new site collection or Team you create – we’ll show you how in this unit.


Can’t agree on a folder structure to use for your documents? Views can make everyone happy and allow you to filter, group and sort your lists and documents.

Creating Apps

In addition to Lists, SharePoint has many other ‘apps’ that can be added to your sites. We’ll look at Contact Lists, Event Calendars and explore some other handy apps for your needs.

Document Libraries

What additional features and functionality do Document Libraries have that core Lists don’t? We’ll discuss version control, sharing and co-authoring.


Create a company intranet or build a dynamic News page that links to your SharePoint apps (Lists, Libraries and more).

Synchronising with Outlook

SharePoint syncs with other Office apps including Outlook, Teams and Windows explorer. Update events and contacts from Outlook or SharePoint and see the changes sync in real time.

Look and Feel

Add your own brand colours and logo to your SharePoint site and get a consistent look and feel across all apps and pages.