Project Resource Management

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This course focuses on MS Project’s resource management functionality. We will cover features such as:

  • Cost, Work and Material resources: When and how to use each type
  • Work resource costs and availability: Set different cost structures for different tasks and schedule leave and wage increases throughout your project
  • Resource assignments: Outsmart MS Project and learn how to master resource assignments so that you don’t have to spend time fixing work, duration and units
  • Extract Information: Filter, highlight and report on your Project data dynamically with custom views, filters and fields

This course is designed for users of Microsoft Project who already have a good understanding of using the program for Task Management and want to expand their skills in Resource Management.

Students must have completed the ACE Training course Project – Task Management and we recommend students have applied learnt skills to at least one project, or have equivalent experience.

You should have a good understanding of all of the following:

  • Tasks including duration, start and finish times
  • Summary and sub-tasks
  • The four types of link between tasks (FS, SS, FF, SF)
  • Lead and Lag times
  • Split Tasks
  • Constraints and deadlines
  • The difference between Duration and Work
  • The Baseline
  • Tracking
  • Printing and Reporting
  • Working with multiple projects

  • Entering Resource Information
  • Using Project Calendars
  • Assigning a Resource to Each Task
  • Adding Resource to Existing Assignment
  • Resource Usage View
  • Resource Levelling
  • Custom Tables, Fields, Filters and Groups
  • Specifying Resource Costs
  • Resource Tracking
  • Monitoring Costs
  • Viewing Project Progress
  • Resource Pools
  • Templates