Productive Meeting Practices

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Instead of dreading meetings, we will help you to love them. Meetings that run more effectively, in less time with less work!

Anyone who wants to benefit from more productive meetings.

A desire to have more effective meetings.

Come away with a whole new tool kit to get the most out of meeting time.

Meeting Roles

- Organiser

- Chairperson

- Attendees

- Note Taker

There is no room for spectators in an effective meeting. Everyone has an important role to play in contributing ideas, feedback and experiences. We discuss the many roles, best practices for each as well as provide techniques and skills for each role.

Meeting Rules and Etiquette

- Provide a rules toolkit to help you keep meetings on track, productive and respectful.

5 Effective Meeting Habits

- Explore the habits which are designed to ensure success in meetings.

Effective Meeting Tools and Resources

- We would like to send you away with tools and resources that can support and provide further ideas to help improve the way you run your meetings.