IT Security Awareness

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This course is designed to raise your awareness to protect your pc, yourself, your business from internet risks and threats.

This show-and-tell course is designed for end-users, so anyone in an organisation who uses a computer.

No specific prerequisites.

Online Security v Online Safety
Ensuring our computers are secure, but we are protected against the risks and threats that come with Internet use.
Leading Internet Risks and Threats
Be aware of the internet risks and threats to personal safety, businesses and computers.
Steps to Help Protect Yourself and the Business
Know the behaviours and best practice to manage the risks.
Best Practice for Passwords.
Social Engineering
What is it and why we should understand it.
Spam, Scam and Phishing
What are these terms and how do they present themselves.
Protect Your Computer
Four valuable steps.
External Devices
Things to consider when using external devices.
How to protect your privacy on the internet.
ICT Security Policies
Best Practice examples of ICT Security Policies.