Get Stuff Done - Personal Efficiency

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Time is the most out of control challenge that we face. Constant pressure to manage your time - while the work just keeps coming and people keep interrupting - leads to stress, burnout and kills job satisfaction.

Even when you’re an expert at what you do, the how you get it done can rob you of precious minutes and hold you back.

This course is all about increasing personal efficiency, eliminating overwhelm, and giving you the freedom to focus on what’s important.

Get Stuff Done is a proven “I wish I’d learned this years ago” formula!

Group Training only - minimum 4 attendees required to run this course. Please enquire for alternative training options at

  • anyone wanting more time in their day
  • anyone who procrastinates
  • managers and administrators who have multiple roles and tasks screaming for attention
  • assistants and administrators wanting to streamline their day
  • anyone frustrated by constant interruptions and not getting stuff done

None – anyone can do this course. Prepare to be excited about your new skills.

Upon completion of this course the attendee will have the skillset, the mindset, and the tools to manage their day more efficiently and get more done, without the overwhelm and overwork.

The foundation – setting you up to achieve more

  • master your motivation
  • goal setting

The tricky stuff – put an end to the things that hold you back

  • what and how to prioritise
  • understand and eliminate procrastination
  • manage people and expectations

The tools – the practical models, methods, and processes designed to increase efficiency

  • the Get Stuff Done efficiency dashboard
  • the Get Stuff Done productivity planners
  • how to delegate and collaborate

What’s next – Drive ‘em like you stole ‘em

  • how to integrate and implement your new skills