Excel Pivot Tables

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Learn how to group your data in a meaningful way. Excel Pivot Tables enable us to quickly group large sets of data with very little effort, almost as if by magic.In this specialized half-day course,you will transform a database with thousands of rows into an easy to read report. Quickly capture the average sales price per month or compare performance by region. For those of us who find numbers hard to visualize, we will see how to put that data into Pivot Charts so we can spot trends and changes in the data.

This course is designed for analysts, managers, or anyone who uses Excel to get insights from business data. If you work with big data sets on a regular basis and spend lots of time sorting through your data, doing complex calculations or SUMIF functions then this is the course for you.

We recommend that students have knowledge equivalent to the topics covered in our Excel Essential Skills course, OR that students are:

  • Comfortable creating Excel formulae
  • Familiar with basic Excel functions (SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE)
  • Familiar with absolute references ($A$1)

If you are new to Excel, we suggest starting with Excel Essentials Skills before tackling this course. If you just need to brush up on a few of the skills above, check out our half day Excel Beyond the Basics course.

  • The Excel Window
  • PivotTables Summarising Data
  • PivotTables Sorting and Filtering
  • PivotTables Formatting
  • PivotTables Extras
  • Creating Pivot Charts