Excel Charts

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Visualise your data graphically and tell a story with Excel charts. In this specialized half-day course, you will use Excel Charts to communicate key information from your data. Learn how to customize and format the chart to meet your specific requirements, select the perfect chart to drive home your key message, and gain additional information with the use of trendlines, error bars and sparklines.

This course is designed for anyone tasked with visually presenting data in Excel. Take your Excel charts to the next level and see how easy it is to customise them, while still reliably communicating exactly the information needed.

We recommend that students have knowledge equivalent to the topics covered in our Excel Essential Skills course, OR that students are:

  • Comfortable creating Excel formulae
  • Familiar with basic Excel functions
  • Familiar with absolute references

If you are new to Excel, we suggest starting with Excel Essentials Skills before tackling this course.

You will have an in depth understanding of Excel charts; you will be able to use Excel Charts more effectively, apply custom formatting to make them easier to read, and choose the best chart for your data. In essence, you will be well-equipped to visualize your data in a way that effectively communicates your key insights.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Refresh Essential Chart Skills: You don’t need any chart experience to succeed in this course.
  • Work with Chart Elements: Titles, axis, legend, oh my! Make sense of Excel charts and take control.
  • Format a Chart: Find the perfect font, fill colour and number format, then save them as a template for future use.
  • Select the Correct Chart & Data: Explore all the chart types available in Excel and discuss best practice considerations for when to use each type.
  • Edit a Chart Series: When you realize that you selected the wrong data for your chart, but don’t want to start from scratch.
  • Use Trendlines and Error Bars: Analyse and interpret your data and display margin of errors.
  • Create Sparklines: Graphically depict data trends with mini charts that fit within a single cell.