Conflict - Think Differently

Length: 1 Day(s)     Cost:$995 + GST

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The gift that can be really hard to unwrap… Imagine taking the fear out of conflict and confidently ‘leaning in’ to possibility.

Suitable for anyone interacting with people, whether that be within a team, or customer / stakeholder facing.

After this program you’ll have the tools and templates you need to transform conflict. It turns ‘cheer’leaders into trusted ‘coach’leaders who get incredible results.

The day is big on increasing self-awareness, and gives you skills you’ll use at work and in life. It improves relationship and boosts confidence.

Customisable for private in-house bookings, but general overview below.

This essential program covers these topics.

  • Understanding your role, personally and as the leader
  • Understanding drama and defining conflict
  • How to lead through conflict
  • Transforming any conflict (healthy or not) in to a powerful strategic resource without anyone getting punched in the face or ending up in hospital.