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Length: 1 Day    Cost: $725 + GST    Version: Writing Skills

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About this Course

You know stuff. You're experienced. You've trained in your field. You might even be an expert. But has anyone ever actually taught you how to express what you know in writing? Most of us never get that.

We all write -emails, reports, briefs, summaries, proposals, specs, memos. But we all usually guess at how to do it, or copy what others have done before.

The good news is there are international standards for clear communication. They're simple, easy to learn, and a more natural way of writing than what you might've seen or been taught.


Group Training only - minimum 4 attendees required to run this course. Please enquire for alternative training options at info@ace.co.nz

Anyone who does any kind of writing for work.


None - please bring your own documents to work on (if any)

At Course Completion

This course will change the way you write, through

  • Plain Language approaches - how to make your writing clear, simple, and understandable by a wide audience
  • Reader-centric tools - understanding your readers' needs and structuring a document accordingly
  • Editing and reviewing techniques - so you can make sure documents (written by you and others) are sharp, polished, and impressive every time!
  • Supported writing, using your own documents

Course Outline

Plain Language

  • what is Plain Language
  • who uses it
  • why use it (the benefits)

Plain Language approaches

  • active voice
  • 1st person
  • speakable language
  • sentence length
  • 3 P's (positive, professional, personal)

Reader-centric tools

  • putting yourself in the reader's shoes
  • what all readers want to know
  • focus on the reader for success

Editing and reviewing

  • 3 hat editing process
  • reviewing skills
  • surviving the review process

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