Building your Resilience

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Resilience is the capacity to withstand and adapt to the challenges life throws us.

This practical workshop will equip you with the tools to cope with setbacks, change and keep pressures from work and life challenges positive. Resilience is a skill anyone can learn, to survive and to thrive. Gain valuable insight in to stress and how it can be reduced and managed at both a practical and cognitive level. Learn strategies to remain productive, focused and emotionally strong whatever work or life challenges you are confronted with.


• Achieve balanced emotion management.
• Increased productivity.
• Improved workplace relationships.
• Focused decision making and problem solving.
• Stay resourceful in the face of challenges.
• Develop effective coping strategies.

This interactive workshop will explore:

• Practical tips to improve your resilience.
• Proactive management of emotions in yourself and others to alleviate stress and face pressures effectively.
• Intentional activities to build resilience at work and home.