Access Creating Applications

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This course is designed for competent users of Microsoft Access (referred to in this course as Access) wanting to make the transition into database development.

Our aim is to provide you with the basic skills necessary to develop new databases and maintain existing databases.

It is important that you use your new skills as soon as possible on completion of this training course. We encourage you to take your own notes and to review this Course Guide once you are back at your workplace.

This course in conjunction with Access: Essential Skills and Access: Data Analysis and Reporting covers the material examined in the MOS Access core exam.

We require that students have either:

  • Completed Access Essential Skills and Access Data Analysis And Reporting and practised recently with topics covered in these courses


  • Have equivalent experience of Access and a sound familiarity with other Microsoft packages

  • Planning the Development
  • Normalization
  • Creating Tables
  • Relationships, Foreign Keys and Integrity
  • Creating Forms
  • Creating the Combo Box
  • Main and Sub Forms
  • Option Groups
  • The Tab Control
  • Calculations on Forms
  • Using Macro Button Wizard
  • Switchboards and Startup
  • Compacting a Database
  • Analyze Performance
  • Importing Data
  • Analyze Table
  • Database Documenter