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Training Delivery Methods

The majority of our training modules are delivered using “Tell, Show & Do” methods. This enables attendees to understand what a specific function would be used for, see how it is done and then practice using exercises. There is a heavy emphasis on practical hands-on application of the learned techniques.

Our understanding of learning and how it occurs in adult learners drives our activities and defines the learning environment we create.

We define learning as the process of adding to one’s repertoire of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours, and as being measured by a relatively permanent change in observable behaviour.

We recognise that learning is enhanced when it is relevant to the student’s daily life, and when something real is constructed and shared with others for critical feedback. Adult learners are highly selective in that they are more highly motivated to internalise that learning which is most relevant to their life context. They look for applicability in their day-to-day life. This is significant in the training environment, as their purpose in being there is directly applicable to their success in the workplace.

All our Application and technical trainers are Microsoft® and IBM Certified Trainers, with many years experience. ACE Training has its own internal NZQA registered assessors which ensures consistent assessment standards.

Many of our clients are corporates and our premises are maintained to a high professional standard acceptable to corporates.

Evaluation of Skills

To ensure that individual training needs have been met it is very important to evaluate the student’s newly acquired skills. ACE Training carries this out using a variety of methods:

    Regular Recapping During Each Course

    This is done by a method of questions and exercises. Our trainers always check the level of understanding of individuals before moving on to new material.

    Evaluation Forms

    We ask all ACE Training course attendees to fill in an evaluation form at the end of the training session. Each session is between half and five days. This allows us to assess their immediate impression of the training and related services. We can further tailor these evaluation forms if required. Those attendees attending Microsoft Official Curriculum training will have the opportunity to complete the Microsoft Metrics That Matter surveys Average evaluation of 7.62 from 664 evaluations. Over and above Metrics That Matter, ACE maintains a proud record in terms of internal quality assurance mechanisms and boasts an average evaluation score of 90%+ for Microsoft Technical Courses.

    Post Course Follow-up

    ACE Training’s Account Managers liase with the client company’s Training Co-ordinator on a regular basis to review the training. Conditional upon seat avilability, attendees may re-take courses at no additional charge for up to one year from date of first attendance (Conditions apply).

    Online Post Course Assessment

    ACE Development has provided a crucial tool for post course assessment. Logging onto the ACE website will give students the ability to assess what they have learnt from an ACE course. This report can then be forwarded to training coordinators if required.

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