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Touch-Typing Skills

Length: 0.5 Days    Cost: $285 + GST    Version: Miscellaneous

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About this Course

Learn in just half a day how to become a touch-typist, or choose your own level of touch-typing combined with the occasional peek! This course provides you with all the tools and knowledge to achieve your aims, with recommendations for practice strategies and further learning if required.


Some knowledge of word-processing is recommended but not essential. A sense of humour is helpful!

At Course Completion

To ensure that participants become familiar with the position of letters on the keyboard, learn to use correct fingering, and are equipped with sufficient skills to enable them to confidently type at their chosen level.

Course Outline

Introduction to Touch-Typing
Realistic aims and expectations.

Finger Positioning and Other Techniques
Using familiarisation of keyboard through the alphabetical and visualisation method conceived by Vonnie Alexander.

Speed and Accuracy Development
Calculating words per minute and tips for speed and accuracy development.

Hints and Tips
Suggestions to assist speedy progress, including using keyboard shortcuts, minimising use of the mouse, and other hints and tips.

Questions and Discussion
Questions and discussion are encouraged throughout the course. Personalised plans and back-up help are offered where needed.

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