Outlook Productivity Workshop

Length: 0.5 Day(s)     Cost:$395 + GST

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Take your practical skills to the next level and work smarter not harder.

Using Outlook as our Productivity Platform we will setup a home base view in Outlook Calendar and cover quick tips for converting emails into tasks using the 4D methodology. We will also cover best practice tips for communication, meetings and tasks.

What is a Productivity Platform?

A Productivity Platform is a tool that can be used to help you increase productivity. Our half day Productivity Workshops are designed to help you make the most of your chosen Productivity Platform and work smarter, not harder. All workshops will cover basic productivity techniques and show you how to make your Productivity Platform work for you. Designed to help you prioritise, manage distractions and enhance focus, you will work together with other attendees to convert best practice methodologies into a productivity plan that works for you.

This course is designed for existing Outlook users who are comfortable with the basic ‘how-to’ but looking for ways to streamline emails and appointments.

You should be comfortable with the topics covered in our Outlook Beyond the Basics course.

  • What it means to be productive
  • Managing alerts and notifications
  • Outlook default settings
  • Custom Views in Outlook calendar
  • Rules Wizard vs Quick Steps – when to use each
  • Outlook Categories and Search Folders – how do they work together
  • Outlook Tasks
  • Best Practice Tips – summary