Introduction to PowerApps

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Make mobile friendly apps that collect, update, and search for data. PowerApps can be built in minutes without needing to write any code. Looking for a way to digitalise paper processes? Tired of putting up with the limitations of an out of the box system that just doesn’t fit your needs? Don’t spend time and $$$ on a custom solution, build it yourself with PowerApps.

Do you spend more than 2-3 hours a week doing data entry from internal paper documents to Excel, SharePoint, Teams or other database? Do you need to access Excel files from your phone or tablet? Do you want to create user friendly forms, add in checks & balances and guide users through data entry (in Excel, SharePoint or databases) to increase data quality and minimise human error?

If you can answer “Yes” to ANY of the questions above, then this is the course for you. This course is designed for users wanting to create line of business mobile applications that can be built in minutes without the need of writing code or worrying about all the complexity involved in writing cross-platform applications that support iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows and the web.

Nothing really, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about PowerApps. It is recommended that attendees have basic knowledge of:

  • Microsoft Excel: PowerApps is designed to make it easier to collect and view data, so if you’re interested in PowerApps you’ll probably have some experience with Excel.
  • Basic Excel Formulae: PowerApps is no-code app development, but you can increase its functionality using some custom formulae we like to call “Excel Speak”, so any Excel formula knowledge you have will be a bonus.
  • PowerPoint or similar application: PowerApps interface is insert, drag and drop, similar to creating a PowerPoint slide so some experience working with text boxes, inserting images, etc will help you pick things up faster.

You will build a variety of mobile friendly web based apps that connect to Excel, SharePoint and the Common Data Service (CDS). You’ll see how to build an app from template, data and customise it to suit your company brand and requirements.

Module 1 Introduction to PowerApps

  • What is Microsoft PowerApps
  • The Parts of PowerApps

Module 2 Overview of Creating Apps in PowerApps

  • Create a Canvas App from a Sample in PowerApps
  • Generate an App from Excel in PowerApps
  • Generate an App from Common Data Service for Apps in PowerApps

Module 3 Customization of an App in PowerApps

  • Customize a gallery in PowerApps
  • Customize forms in PowerApps
  • Customize a card in PowerApps

Module 4 Create an app from scratch

  • Create an Excel app from scratch

Module 5 Share an app

  • Share an app in PowerApps
  • Other things to know
  • App sharing and the resources the app uses
  • What isn't supported