PL-7001: Create and Manage Canvas Apps with Power Apps

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Learn how to create your own data model and canvas app to support a scenario for a fictional company. You're provided high-level specifications on the custom tables, columns and canvas app needed to complete this project.

Microsoft Applied Skills

Microsoft Applied Skills are scenario-based credentials that provide learners with validation of targeted skills. These credentials are an efficient and trusted way to identify and deepen proficiency in scenario-based skillsets. The interactive training and validation enable learners to demonstrate proficiency by completing real-world tasks.

Applied Skills can help students prepare for the workforce by providing them with real-world problem-solving experience and validation of their skills.

This course is for:

  • App Maker
  • Business User
  • Developer

You should understand application development, writing formulas such as those in Excel, and creating, reading, updating, and deleting data.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Explore how Power Apps can make your business more efficient
  • Use different technologies to perform different tasks in Power Apps
  • Build an app in Power Apps in different ways
  • Create your first app from data in an Excel workbook
  • Change the layout of a gallery
  • Change the data that a control portrays
  • Modify a form control to show different data fields
  • Add a screen
  • Learn how to modify label properties by using basic formulas
  • Add labels
  • Understand the basics of building the UI through themes, icons, control customisation, and images
  • Use personalisation in a canvas app
  • Learn how to preview and modify an app to fit different form factors
  • Understand data sources for canvas apps in Power Apps
  • Use the Collect function
  • Understand how to work with Forms in canvas apps
  • Configure a submit button to write data
  • Use and Understand the different form modes
  • Learn how to introduce the primary app build
  • Discover how to launch future iterations of the app
  • Learn how to manage versions and publish your app

  • Get started with Power Apps canvas apps
  • Customise a canvas app in Power Apps
  • How to build the User Interface in a canvas app in Power Apps
  • Work with external data in a Power Apps canvas app
  • Write data in a Power Apps canvas app
  • Publish, share, and maintain a canvas app
  • Guided Project - Create and manage canvas apps with Power Apps