AZ-1006: Migrate and Modernise SAP in the Microsoft Cloud

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This one-day course teaches IT professionals who have experience with SAP solutions how to use Azure resources that include setting up and configuration of SAP environments in Azure for virtual machines, virtual networks, storage accounts, and Microsoft Entra ID. Learners will also explore backup, disaster recovery, and monitoring of SAP systems in Azure. Learn through the application of concepts, scenarios, and procedures through hands-on labs using Azure Center for SAP solutions.

Microsoft Applied Skills

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Applied Skills can help students prepare for the workforce by providing them with real-world problem-solving experience and validation of their skills.

Administrators of SAP systems that run on Azure should take this course.

Before taking this course, candidates should pass the Azure Administrator (AZ-104) or Azure Infrastructure Solutions (AZ-305) exam and have completed training in SAP HANA or SAP NetWeaver.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of running SAP on Azure
  • Learn the various SAP solutions supported by Azure
  • Discover methods for migrating existing SAP environments to Azure
  • Explore tools and services that facilitate the migration and modernisation process
  • Gain knowledge on how to optimise SAP workloads for Azure to achieve performance and efficiency
  • Understand best practices for security, backup, and disaster recovery for SAP on Azure
  • Manage and monitor SAP applications in the Azure cloud

  • Modernise and explore Azure for SAP workloads
  • Modernise and identify SAP-certified configurations
  • Modernise and examine SAP S/4HANA on Azure Virtual Machines
  • Modernise and explore Azure for SAP compute
  • Modernise and explore Azure network for SAP
  • Modernise and explore Azure for SAP storage
  • Modernise and explore identity services for SAP on Azure
  • Modernise and explore governance and manageability for SAP on Azure
  • Modernise and deploy single-instance implementations of SAP on Azure (2-tier and 3-tier)
  • Modernise and implement high availability in SAP NetWeaver with AnyDB on Azure Virtual Machines
  • Modernise and explore Azure Center for SAP solutions
  • Modernise and implement high availability for SAP workloads in Azure
  • Modernise and implement disaster recovery for SAP workloads in Azure
  • Modernise, perform backups and restores for SAP workloads on Azure
  • Modernise, use the planning and deployment checklist for SAP workloads on Azure
  • Modernise and explore monitoring requirements of Azure for SAP workloads