AZ-1004: Deploy and Configure Azure Monitor

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In this one-day course, you practice implementing Azure Monitor to collect, analyse and act on monitoring telemetry from Azure environments. You learn to configure and interpret monitoring for virtual machines, networking, and web applications.

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This course is for Azure Administrators.

Understand the basic functionality of Azure Monitor and Log Analytics workspaces

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create a Log Analytics workspace and configure access
  • Configure data retention for a Log Analytics workspace
  • Configure Health Status Alerts for a Log Analytics workspace
  • Describe how Application Insights is used to monitor application performance
  • Distinguish between the different Application Insights sampling rates
  • Describe Azure diagnostic settings and resource logs
  • Leverage Azure SQL Insights to improve performance of Azure SQL database applications
  • Describe the Azure Monitor Agent and how it can be deployed to IaaS Virtual Machines
  • Explain VM Insights and how to use it to monitor IaaS VM performance
  • Enable data collection rules to collect operating system and application logs
  • Create and configure an Azure Network Watcher Connection Monitor
  • Create and configure a flow log
  • Enable Traffic Analytics
  • Configure access to flow logs
  • Describe the purpose of and identify the different types of alerts
  • Explain how action groups are used to notify users about alerts
  • Configure and manage alert rules
  • Configure alert processing rules to modify triggered alerts
  • Describe how Change Analysis provides insight into changes made to Azure resources

  • Create and configure a Log Analytics workspace
  • Configure monitoring for applications
  • Configure monitoring for virtual machines
  • Configure monitoring for virtual networks
  • Configure alerts and responses
  • Guided Project – Deploy and configure Azure Monitor