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VBA Essential Skills

Length: 1    Cost: $425 + GST    Version: Other Microsoft

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About this Course

Computers were supposed to make life easier for us. They were supposed to take on the dull repetitive tasks that fill up the day and leave us more time to get on with the important things. Instead we sit there, hour after hour, clicking the mouse on the same menus time and time again. There is an alternative. Learn to speak to the machine in a language it understands. Bring it to heel, issue the instructions and then sit in the sun.


Access path
As an Access user you will need to have completed the Optimising course in conjunction with having practiced the topics covered, or equivalent experience.

Excel path
As an Excel user you will need to have completed our Excel Optimising course or have equivalent experience.

Word path
A good working knowledge of Word, up to the level covered in our Word: Working with Templates and Word: Working with Long Documents courses, is required to attend this course.

At Course Completion

Visual Basic for Applications is the programming component of Microsoft Office and this course introduces the basics aspects of the language itself. As such there is no mention made of any particular member of the Office family and thus this course is the common starting place for anyone who is ready to move onto this aspect of Office work.

Course Outline

Introducing VBA

Code Structure
Some rules for writing code

Getting Help
Using the online Help

Variables And Constants
What are they and why use them

Data Types
What are they and why use them

Conditional Statements
Procedures that make decisions

Finding mistakes

Functions & The Use Of Modular Code
Design aspects of procedures

Data Scope And Survival
Back to variables

Error Handling
What to do when the unexpected occurs

Repeating Instructions
Do this five times, please

Bonus Section
Depending on circumstances these topics may not be covered on any one day

Bonus 1: Importing And Exporting Modules
Save yourself time

Bonus 2: mdlWesternHoroscope
A worked example

Bonus 3: Built-in Functions
Overview of some things that VBA can do all by itself

Bonus 4: Array Variables
Lists of variables

Bonus 5: Argument Lists
What does ByRef mean?

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