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SharePoint Introduction

Length: 1    Cost: $425 + GST    Version: SharePoint

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About this Course

This 1-day instructor-led course introduces and explores SharePoint 2013.


This course is for anyone that is interested in SharePoint 2013. This specialised course aims at newcomers to the SharePoint platform who will be working with a SharePoint 2013 platform in their organisation, either as end users, web masters or in a more managerial role.


Attendees must be thoroughly conversant with Windows and an intermediate knowledge of Word processing concepts will aid understanding, as will previous web design experience and previous excel or other database knowledge.

At Course Completion

This course is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the features of SharePoint 2013.

Our aim is to provide you with the necessary skills to create and maintain intranet sites using SharePoint 2013.

At the end of this course you will:

  • have an overview of SharePoint 2013
  • know how and when to create different types of sites and workspaces
  • be able to navigate the structure of SharePoint sites
  • know how to create different types of lists and libraries
  • be confident working with views and be able to adjust and customise their appearance
  • know how to upload, create and edit documents
  • know how to turn on versioning for a document library
  • be able to modify pages, add web parts and change their appearance
  • know how to synchronise a SharePoint calendar and contacts list to Outlook
  • be able to customise the look and feel of a SharePoint site

Course Outline

What is SharePoint

  • Describe the different editions of SharePoint
  • Understand the basic components a SharePoint site is made up of
  • Understand the business needs SharePoint aims to support

SharePoint 2013 Sites

  • Create a Site
  • Assign Permissions


  • Navigate a SharePoint Site
  • Navigate and use the Ribbon
  • Navigate Site Contents
  • Navigate Site Settings


  • Create a Custom List
  • Add and modify columns
  • Rename a column


  • Create Views that group information
  • Create Views that filter information

Document Libraries

  • Create a Document Library
  • Add documents to the Library
  • Delete a document
  • Restore a Document
  • Co-author a Document
  • Check a Document Out
  • Check a Document In


  • Turn on Version History
  • Create a major version
  • Restore a major version


  • Edit Pages and create wiki pages
  • Insert a Web Part
  • Edit a Web Part

Synchronising with Outlook

  • Connect Calendar and Contacts with Outlook
  • Create an appointment and Contact using both SharePoint and Outlook and verify the 2-way synchronisation

Look and Feel

  • Apply a theme to a SharePoint site
  • Change the logo of a SharePoint site
  • Change the regional settings such as date format and time offset of a SharePoint site

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