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Power BI Dashboards and Reporting

Length: 0.5 Days    Cost: $340 + GST    Version: Power BI

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About this Course

Learn how to navigate the many screens of the Power BI web service, take advantage of the full functionality of the report that was built for you, and gather additional quick insights on your own, without having to wait for that other person to update the report for you.


This course is designed for those of us who need to view and read Power BI reports that someone else has created


No prerequisites required, but some familiarity with Power BI would be useful

At Course Completion

Ever seen Power BI reports and wondered what they mean and how to read them? This short course will give you the knowledge to navigate the many screens of Power BI, gather quick insights from the data and feel comfortable to update information on the spot.

Course Outline

What is Power BI?

Why do we need to learn another new software, when we’ve been doing just fine with Excel? Learn how Power BI can make your life easier and more efficient, and give you the information you need when you need it, not 3 working days later.

Interact with Power BI

Reports, Dashboards, Workspaces, oh my! Learn the lingo that Power BI uses and figure out where to go for the latest and greatest info that you need.

Get more information

Ugh, I asked them to put more info in the report but it’s not there. Learn how to get more information from the report you’ve been given, without going back to square one. Ask questions about your data to get information that isn’t there, drill down and filter your data to show only what you care about, and make the information you want most often easy to find and available in one place.

Refreshing Data in Power BI

This report doesn’t look right? When was it made? What data is it using? Learn where Power BI pulls the information from and how you can ensure you’re looking at the latest up to date numbers.

Power BI Mobile

Need to get updates on the go? Learn how to use Power BI on your phone, tablet or mobile device to view reports and dashboards.

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