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Photoshop Essential Skills CS4-CS5

Length: 2 Days    Cost: $875 + GST    Version: Photoshop CS4-CS5

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About this Course

Need to enhance, enlarge or reduce images that have scanned or photographed with a digital camera? Do you have to save images to the web or from printing? Having troubles understanding file formats? Can you use all the features of Photoshop? This course is for you!!
Photoshop is a powerful professional photo editing tool that can blend photos, add images together, create transparent images and layers, make web savvy images, make people look younger, remove or add parts of the images easily.
The many tools help enhance the poor or low standard images and make them look better. Add shaped text to images that can be blended or with special filters made to look 3D.
Photoshop's image control can be very precise (for those who know exactly what they need) and yet is easily used by the novice image editor to create some exciting effects just because it's so easy!
Improve your image? Learn Photoshop.


Attendees must be familiar with topics covered in our Windows: Managing Files course and have been using a computer for a number of years. A good competency level in another graphics package is necessary.

At Course Completion

This course is designed for anyone who wants to be able to use Photoshop to edit images (photographs, colour, grayscale or bitmap pictures) to correct imperfections, create artwork or apply special effects.

Our aim is to provide you with the necessary skills to bring a picture into Photoshop and change its appearance in a variety of different ways using many sophisticated tools.

Learn about

  • File formats, creating, saving, for web and printing
  • Understanding resolutions, dots per inch
  • Image modes, including RGB, CMYK and sepia images
  • Colour concepts for screen, printing, scanner
  • Selection techniques
  • Retouching images to improve there quality
  • Using filters to enhance images
  • How to use layers and multiple images

Course Outline

Photoshop Environment
Investigating the software environment, palettes, menu systems, control panel, toolbox and all it’s associated settings.

Accessing Files
Opening, closing, saving files for the web, creating new canvas options from default settings and file-types for different outputs.

Navigating the Image
Using the different zoom features available, and screen modes.

Correcting Mistakes
Undo tools, Revert Mode and an overview of the History Panel for more undo options.

Making Selections
Manual tools such as Marque, Lasso and Magic Wand for selections. Pen tool and associated tools for more complex masks and paths.

Copying and Erasing
Copying selections to new layers, erasing content from an image. Copying content from one image to another. Understanding the transparent options available after deleting or moving content. Transforming Images Rotate and flip images using the Transform menu. Using scale, skew, distort and many other tool variations. Adding canvas with the crop tool and straightening photos.

Re-touching Images
Enhancing images using the set of retouching tools. Learn clone, colour-replacement, red eye, sharpen, blur and many more options for re-touching images.

How layers can be used to add text or cut-outs to create composite images. Understanding the what the layer entries mean.

Layer Styles and Blend Modes
Using the vast ranges of effects for layers, such as drop shadow, glows and bevels and blending modes to merge images together.

Using filters to change the appearance of the image, add an effect to clean up the look of the photos. Discuss 3rd Party downloadable content from the internet.

Image Adjustments
Learn to tweak images using levels to brighten and contrast photos. Fine –tune colour options to balance photos for printing.

Drawing and Painting Tools
Use and create brushes. Saving textures to paint with and importing extra pre-sets that are available.

Colour and Colour Modes
Understanding colour options for output purposes. Changing photos for web/print/screen looks. Building colours and adding to swatches panel. Using eyedropper tool to sample colours out of photos.

Using the text editing tools, for single words, through to paragraph text. Looking out output options for text fields.

Printing and Exporting Converting to different file types.
Converting images to web formats and general image file types. Creating a commercial print-ready document using pdf outputs

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