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Outlook Timesaving Features

Length: 1    Cost: $325 + GST    Version: Outlook

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About this Course

Who should attend: Anyone wanting to organise and view their information and time commitments in many ways.

Aim: Explore Outlooks more advanced features of Time and Contact Management


Attendees must be able to Send and Receive Messages, create Contacts and manage their Messages, as covered in our Outlook: Essential Skills course.

At Course Completion

Topics include:

  • Communicate using Mail
  • Manage Contacts
  • Navigate and Use Outlook Effectively
  • Use the Calendar
  • Integrate with other Applications
  • Use Notes

Course Outline

Communicate using Mail
Build upon the Essentials of Outlook. Use the Rules Wizard to perform specific actions on items delivered to your inbox.

Manage Contacts
Now that you have multiple contacts we will look at how to sort, view and communicate quickly with one or multiple contacts.

Navigate and Use Outlook Effectively
Use Categories to usefully group items whether they are messages, tasks, appointments, and office documents. One of the most powerful features of Outlook is its ability to view information in an almost endless number of ways. Learn how to modify existing views or create your own. Grant permission for others to have access to your folders. Use search folders in Outlook 2003

Use the Calendar
Manage your time by creating Appointments and Meetings in the Calendar, and setting timely reminders.

Use Tasks
Organise a List of things to do. Set reminders if required. Assign tasks to others.

Integrate with other Applications
Sometimes the message or post item that you wish to create is better presented using an Office Document. For example, budget information can be presented in an Excel spreadsheet

Use Notes
Notes are a great place to jot down ideas and suggestions you may come across or dream up during the day. Even better, they can be used to hold bits and pieces you may come across

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