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Illustrator Essential Skills CS4-CS5

Length: 2    Cost: $875 + GST    Version: Illustrator CS4-CS5

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About this Course

This specialised course is a must for those wanting to create and design graphics from concept to print production. Lays the groundwork to develop skills in graphic design and is an introduction to some of the special affects possible.


Attendees must be thoroughly conversant with Windows, mouse use and an existing computer application.

Course Outline

Creating an Illustration
Create, view and navigate an illustration. Setup up the document for your specific requirements.

Drawing Shapes
Draw, Resize and Move a variety of shapes from the toolbox. Draw Lines, Arcs, Spirals, Grids, Rectangles, Circles, Stars etc. Colour your shapes internally and externally, using graphic styles for uniformity. Draw and edit paths with a variety of tools including the pen tools.

Resizing, moving and rotating drawing objects with tools and with the layer panel. Group and ungroup objects, alter stacking order of shapes.

Layers help you to keep control of all the parts of your illustrations, from visual stacking orders to layer with effects.

Pen Tool
Create unique point-based line drawings, which are editable and scalable. Learn all the techniques to master this tricky vector drawing tool.

Compound Paths Combining more than one shape together to create new objects. Learn how to cut holes in objects and fill with images and colour.

Understand CMYK, RGB, Spot and Process colours. Examine gradients and swatches. Create your own custom colour library.

Add transparency to images or objects to make them see-through. Create opacity masks for more options.

Make your illustration look more realistic by creating a colour mesh around an object to give it additional dimensions.

Manually blend colours together using objects and blending tools.

Adding vector or pixel images. Understanding the different file types required for both art forms.

Filters and Effects
Adding drop shadows, blur, sharpen, sketch to shapes. Look at Photoshop-style effects for photos.

Create symbols from illustrations you need to repeatedly use. These can then be sprayed onto the page.

Add or import text. Format your text as paragraphs or have it flowing around shapes.

Create new documents that share common settings and design elements.

Get the best print results for your artwork using pdf output options.

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