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Dreamweaver Essential Skills CS5-CC

Length: 2    Cost: $875 + GST    Version: Dreamweaver CS5-CC

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About this Course

This two-day course is designed to give a comprehensive overview of Macromedia Dreamweavers features. Attendees will cover the essential techniques required to create and maintain a production internet or intranet site.Indispensable for those needing to develop professional appearing sites for the Internet and/or Intranet.

Please note you will need to bring your own Creative Cloud login


Attendees need to have regular Internet surfing experience.

A thorough understand of file management is required. You need to have attended the following courses: Windows: Getting Started, Windows: Managing Files, and Internet: Essential Skills or have equivalent knowledge. Creative Cloud users will need to bring their own login

At Course Completion

A comprehensive course covering:

  • Fundamentals of the Web
  • Introduction to Dreamweave
  • Working with New and Existing Web Sites
  • Essential Web Page Layout Techniques
  • Linking Web Pages Together
  • Advanced Web Page Layout Techniques
  • Getting User Information and Feedback
  • Preparing Your Site for Publication

It would be an advantage if you have used word processing and graphics packages: eg Word, PowerPoint or Publisher.

Course Outline

Fundamentals of the Web
An introduction to creating content for the World Wide Web. How different browsers handle Web Pages. Content display issues.

Introduction to Dreamweaver
Navigating and using the Macromedia interface. Working with palettes, the site window, and the document window.

Working with New and Existing Web Sites
Learn about web naming conventions, how to import an existing site into yours for easy editing. Ways to add, edit, delete and manage the structure of a web site with pages and folders. Deleting a Web

Essential Web Page Layout Techniques
A comprehensive introduction to formatting, adding and editing text. Incorporating word processing documents, charts, etc. Liven up your web site with graphics. Learn which graphic types are appropriate for your site. Use Page Properties.

Linking Web Pages Together
Use hyperlinks to link your site, open another site in a new window, and send eMail. Learn to create both text and image hyperlinks. Use anchors to divide up web pages. Create image maps for visual navigation.

Advanced Web Page Layout Techniques
Create - magazine like visually appealing layouts using tables or layers. Add frames to an existing site to ease complex navigation. An introduction to behaviours and Macromedia Exchange. Animate layers using DHTML effects.

Getting User Information and Feedback
Using forms to collect information from users. Validate user input with behaviours.

Preparing Your Site for Publication
Create and use meta data for search engines. Connect your local site to a remote server, and publishing to the Internet or an intranet.

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