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About Us


The key to finding a solution to computer training is having the ability to be flexible.

Consultancy Services

If your existing computer system is not working as it should be, or you are looking for new ways to increase productivity in the workplace, this is where ACE can help.

Our Consultancy Services team are experienced problem solvers. They’ll work closely with you to ensure you get the most out of your software and hardware.

You can use us for:

  • Development work using Microsoft Office or IBM Lotus SmartSuite applications.
  • Intensive training sessions for 1 or more key people.
  • Product installation and advice.
    ACE is not tied to any one brand of hardware or software so the advice you receive will be totally unbiased and objective.

Executive Solutions

Executives and Managers often have very different training needs to the rest of the company and usually have very full diaries. ACE once again has the flexibility to fit in with their needs, offering training before, during and after normal business hours; business experienced trainers; and precisely tailored packages, so none of that precious time is wasted.

For more information on our consultancies please contact one of our Account Managers nearest to you.

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