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Captivate Essential Skills CS7-CS9

Length: 1.5    Cost: $875 + GST    Version: Captivate CS7-9

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About this Course

You may be familiar with using a certain software application and would like to create computer-based training to teach learners to use the software. Adobe Captivate is a tool that automates the creation of computer-based software training materials. In this 2 day course, you will use Adobe Captivate to develop demonstrations and interactive simulations of software applications.


Familiarity with Windows operating system; Microsoft Internet Explorer; and basic computing terminology.

Course Outline

Exploring the Captivate Environment

An overview of the menu and tools most commonly used to create e-learning projects.

Customise the Captivate Interface

Opening up new menus, customise position and size. Explore Master Pages and zoom options.

Using the Timeline

Understanding the Timeline Panel and it’s features for showing and hiding elements on a slide. Discuss default settings and adjustments that can be made internally.

Recording a Software Demo & Simulations

Create more than one version of your project, with user interactivity and without.

Modify a Demonstration

Once recordings are captured, being able to fine-tune the elements for smoother playback and cleaner end results.

Insert Images/Animations/Movies

Learn to insert a large array of media files and the setting required for each to run effectively. Discuss file-type best use and issues and fixes.

Insert Additional Slides

Adding in a vast range of extra slides to a project; blank slides, Powerpoint slides, extra recording slides, video slides and more.

Record Audio/Modify Audio

Learn the tricks with vocal recording in Captivate using a microphone, headset. Capturing a software simulation with vocals being recorded at the same time. Using the text-to-speech setting to create audio from different sources and voices. Look at the basic editing settings.

Import Audio

Import audio files as background sounds or extra audio to the slides. Look at detailed audio usage settings. Export audio for other projects.

Adding Quizzes

Create Quiz slides for projects to evaluate User performance. Customise Quiz slides to accommodate learning speeds and discuss the LMS requirements. Add Master Page design elements to Quiz slides.

Skins and TOC

Customise the video playback controls and interface. Add a Table of Contents option to step through the project, section by section.

Publishing a Project

Output project using the different media types. Discuss best practise for playing off intranet and online sources. Double-check settings for best quality/best playback.

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