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Access Optimising

Length: 1    Cost: $425 + GST    Version: Access

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About this Course

Kick-start your Database

Access is an easy-to-use database management tool for both stand-alone, single user databases and multi-user, departmental or even organization wide solutions.

Whilst Access is a powerful, flexible and visual relational database application development tool, which can be customised to fit a wide range of needs, learning how to use it can be a challenge which is where ACE comes in!

This course is designed for experienced users of Access. The aim is to provide an introduction to automation, concentrating on using Access macros. Other advanced features are also covered.


Completion of the Creating Applications course in conjunction with having practiced the topics covered, or equivalent experience.

At Course Completion

Topics covered are:

  • Referencing Controls and Properties
  • Access Macros
  • Controlling Form Views
  • Transferring Data to Another File Type
  • Using a Macro with Conditions
  • Using Macros to set Default Values
  • Using Autoexec Macro
  • The Autokeys Macro
  • Creating Custom Toolbars
  • Creating Custom Menu Bars
  • Security
  • Splitting a Database

Course Outline

Referencing Controls and Properties
Before you can begin the journey of automating your database, you need to know how to reference controls and properties.

Using Macros in your Database
This is the main topic of this course and, upon completion of this topic, you will be able to automate all sorts of things. First you get to look at the general concepts, which include conditional execution of instructions and grouping of macros for ease of use. Then there are a couple of special macros, Autoexec and Autokeys. There are ways to control form views, set default values, change properties at run-time, transfer data to other file types, etc. You want more? Okay, how about creating your own Menu Bars and Tool Bars and using macros to show/hide them?

Splitting your Database
Now you get to have a look at some better design practices and multi-user issues.

Here you get to look at security issues and how to go about implementing various levels of security.

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