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Access Objects

Length: 1    Cost: $425 + GST    Version: Access

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About this Course

Our aim is to provide you with an introduction to Access Objects, allowing you to make the most of your VBA skills.


Access Optimising and VBA Essential Skills in conjunction with having recently practised the topics covered in this course.
OR, Equivalent experience in developing Access databases.

Course Outline

Referencing Controls and Properties
A revision of how to reference controls & properties and some new and better ways of doing so.

An introduction to the SQL syntax with a bonus use this syntax to create a Union Query.

Using the Object Browser
Here you get to find all the objects available to you and easy access to help associated with them.

Working with a Combo Box
Now we show you how to dynamically filter the data shown in combo boxes.

Microsoft Access Objects
Learn about objects and how to use them to speed up your application and create generic procedures.

Data Access Objects
This topic will show you how to access your data directly from within your code. This can be useful for data validation when importing data or complex tasks beyond standard queries.

Error Handling
Since you have tested your code and deemed it to be working, everything should be just fine, shouldnt it? And then there is Murphys Law! No code is complete without appropriate error handling. The error handling covered here extends the error handling used in VBA Essential Skills.

Combo Box NotInList Event
Add new data to a combo box from the combo box itself your users will love you for it!

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