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Access Essential Skills

Length: 1    Cost: $375 + GST    Version: Access

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Personal computer skills, Microsoft Windows and file handling skills. Excellent knowledge of Excel or Word fundamentals. (Excel is preferred)

At Course Completion

This course is designed for new users of Microsoft Access. Our aim is to provide you with the skills necessary to use an existing Access database in respect to maintaining records and some of the basic skills necessary to utilise the information contained in these records.

Course Outline

The Database Window
What does the database window look like, and what are all those different objects?

Navigating and Editing Data
So, you have an existing database. How do you navigate around your data? Can you find a specific record amongst thousands of records? How do you edit your existing data? How do you add or delete records?

What is a query? How do you use it to find all records matching specific criteria? Can you use a query to perform mathematical manipulation of your data? Is it possible to set up the query so you can have it ask you which data you want to find?

Okay, now you have managed to find the specific data you are interested in. You have even managed to perform some calculations. Well done! All you need to figure out now is how to create a basic report to present it.

Access and Other Applications
Of course there may be times, when you want to share your data with other people who dont have Access. Or may be you just simply want to work in another, more comfortable or suitable environment for the task at hand. This is where the ease of transferring your data to Word, Excel or some other package comes in.

Database Templates
Now that you are starting to appreciate the power of Access, you might want to have a look at some other samples of what you can do with Access. Just like in Word and Excel, there are pre-defined templates to allow you to do just that.

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