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Access Creating Applications

Length: 2    Cost: $850 + GST    Version: Access

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  • Access Essential Skills and Access Data Analysis and Reporting, having practised recently with topics covered in these stages; or
  • Equivalent experience using Access and a sound familiarity with other Microsoft Packages, particularly Excel.

At Course Completion

This course is designed for competent users - see prerequisites - of Microsoft Access wanting to make the transition into database development. Our aim is to provide you with the basic skills necessary to develop new databases and maintain existing databases.

Course Outline

Database Design
Here you get to look at some of the points to consider when planning the development of a database in particular the key concept of Normalization. This, of course, has to include an understanding of the different types of relationships that you can have sounds interesting?

Table Structure
The planning is done, now you need to create your database and set up your tables, including setting up your links and enforcing referential integrity. Regardless of how hard you try, chances are you may want to change something after the initial set up of your tables how do you go about this?

Now you will want to create a user-friendly interface to your data, wont you? What you need to know about are forms, combo boxes, option groups, tabbed pages, subforms and command buttons. All of these have their own properties so there is a need to examine some of these.

Importing Data
Your application is finished. Yippee. So what about the data you have already got in Excel or Word or some other text file?

Turning your Database into an Application
Here you are introduced to the joys of taking your database and turning it into an application, with a menu driven interface and limited options for the user.

Do you want your database to take up less space on your hard drive or even within your e-mail message? Do you want it to run more efficiently? Do you want to analyse how well you did with your creation? Do you want to document how your database is set up?

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