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VeriSM™ Foundation

Length: 2 Days    Cost: $1,400 + GST    Version: VeriSM

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About this Course

Every organization is a service provider in today’s market. Even organizations selling products need to add a level of service to them. Think of banking, insurance, civil services, but also the myriad of online shops where the physical product is a commodity and the service is the distinguishing characteristic of the organization. How do we best manage our services and keep our consumers happy? Recent years have seen an explosion of different service management practices, leaving organizations confused about the best way forward. VeriSM™ is a new approach to help you create a flexible operating model that will work for you, based on your desired business outcomes. VeriSM™ describes how an organization can define its service management principles, and then use a combination of management practices to deliver value.

  • Value-driven
  • Evolving
  • Responsive
  • Integrated
  • Service
  • Management

This training provides both the course material and VeriSM™ Foundation Certification Exam.


VeriSM™ is essential for anyone who works with products and services. It will be of particular interest to:

  • Managers – who want to understand how to leverage evolving management practices
  • Service owners and service managers – who need to bring their skills up to date and understand how service management has changed
  • Executives – who are accountable for effective service delivery
  • IT professionals
  • Graduates and undergraduates – who will be joining organizations and who need to understand the principles of service management
  • Everyone within a service organization


There are no prerequisites as this is an introductory level VeriSM™ training course, thus anyone can attend.

At Course Completion

VeriSM™ – A service management approach for the digital age

Why VeriSM™? Today, many organizations and governments offer their services in a rapidly changing environment. This has created demand for highly-educated professionals with the right knowledge and skills in the area of Service Management. To meet those changing demands, the International Foundation for Digital Competences (IFDC) launches VeriSM™, a new Service Management approach, today.

The field of Service Management is changing quickly as the industry shifts towards digital transformation, evolution of new management practices and the ‘commoditization of IT’. As a result, IT and business operations are no longer separate. Organizations of every size and background require a flexible Service Management method to facilitate them in their development. VeriSM™is an approach that offers value-driven, evolving, responsive, and integrated Service Management. It is designed to enable organizations and professionals in the modern IT industry.

The IFDC (a nonprofit foundation) took the initiative to create the VeriSM™ approach and developed it in cooperation with an international team of experts.

To create VeriSM™ IFDC worked with a global team of more than 70 leading experts, taking a fresh look at service management for the digital age.

Course Outline

VeriSM™ describes a service management approach from the organizational level, looking at the end-to-end view rather than focusing on a single department. Based around the VeriSM™ model, it shows organizations how they can adopt a range of management practices in a flexible way to deliver the right product or service at the right time to their consumers. VeriSM™ allows for a tailored approach depending upon the type of business you are in, the size of your organization, your business priorities, your organizational culture – and even the nature of the individual project or service you are working on.

Rather than focusing on one prescriptive way of working, VeriSM™ helps organizations to respond to their consumers and deliver value with integrated service management practices.

In the model, governance overarches every activity, keeping a strong focus on value, outcomes and the organization’s goals.

Service management principles are then defined for the organization. These act as guardrails, to make sure that all products and services are aligned with the needs of the organization. Principles will be defined for areas including security, risk, quality and use of assets, and then communicated to all of the staff who are involved with the development and operation of products and services.

The unique element of the VeriSM model is the Management mesh. This provides a flexible approach that can be adapted depending on the requirements for a particular product or service. The Management mesh includes:

  • Resources
  • Environment
  • Emerging technologies
  • Management practices

For each product or service, these areas are considered and the Management mesh is flexed where necessary.

Let’s take an example. A bank wants to create a mobile application that will let users send money to their friends with just one click. The Management mesh for this product could include agile development practices to get rapid feedback about the new product. The bank can use its capabilities and work in innovative ways, but they must still recognise the service management principles associated with security and risk.

VeriSM™ includes:

  • Service culture
  • Organizational context
  • People/structure
  • Service management challenges
  • Processes, tools and measurement
  • The VeriSM™ model
  • Operating in a world of digital transformation
  • Selecting and integrating management practices
  • Progressive management practices including Lean, DevOps and Agile
  • The impact of technology on service management
  • Getting started

The VeriSM™ Foundation certification is part of the VeriSM™ qualification program. It builds the fundamental skills and knowledge enabling individuals to participate in a service organization and to deliver value to the consumer. ACE are offering the Foundation level in its entirety, but you may also see it split up into two parts: the VeriSM™ Essentials and the VeriSM™ Plus.

This certification scheme includes the following topics:
  • The Service Organization
  • Service Culture
  • People and organizational structure
  • The VeriSM™ model
  • Progressive practices
  • Innovative technologies
  • Getting started

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