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Project Task Management

Length: 1.5    Cost: $750 + GST    Version: Project

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Attendees should have a working knowledge of Excel, as covered in our Excel Essential Skills Course, and should have at the very least run through the quick preview in Project help.

At Course Completion

Project Managers, Business Managers or anyone responsible for the scheduling of time and resources to meet a planned goal. This hands-on training course gives participants a working knowledge of Project for Windows. It will cover the important facilities available to enable immediate use of the software for project planning and scheduling of tasks and resources for a single Project.

Course Outline

Subject to change

Introduction to Project for Windows

  • Basic Project Concepts
  • Explore the New Interface and Backstage
  • How Project holds your Data
  • Keyboard and Mouse Essentials

Setting up a Project

  • Deciding how to schedule a project i.e. manually or automatically
  • Entering Tasks
  • Set the working time for a project using the calendar
  • Structuring the Project by organising tasks with summary and detail levels
  • Customise a Gantt Chart for easy analysis and for communication
  • Linking Tasks together as a model of work flow

Analysing the Project

  • Monitoring Task Costs for comparison of budget to actual costs
  • Updating and Tracking Progress

Multiple Projects

  • Consolidating Multiple Projects into a single view for analysis, updating and/or reporting
  • Linking between Projects where a project is dependant on another project

Allocating Resource

  • Set up Resources
  • Assign a Key Resource to each task


  • Printing Views, Tables and Reports
  • Communicating using Web page, Picture image and Hyperlinks
  • Creating Visual Reports

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