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Excel Optimising

Length: 1 Day    Cost: $425 + GST    Version: Excel

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About this Course

This course is designed for the advanced Excel user and is focused on two areas. One is to use Excel itself more efficiently. The other is to improve the actual performance of workbooks

Our aim is to improve and extend on the skills you already have as well as to provide you with a basis to re-evaluate existing projects.

We will introduce a significant timesaving feature, which is the ability to add some basic automation to your work.

It is important that you use your new skills as soon as possible on completion of this training course. We encourage you to take your own notes and to review this Course Guide once you are back at your workplace.


We recommend that students:

First complete our Essential Skills and Timesaving courses,

OR have:

A thorough understanding of formulae.

A thorough understanding of using Excel’s common functions such as Average, Maximum, Count, IF, and so forth.

The knowledge to create and use range names.

A high level of overall knowledge of, and comfort with, Excel

At Course Completion

We work with some of the more advanced features of tools and methods covered in the previous Excel courses. We discuss ways to optimise Excel’s performance when working with large datasets and use the Record Macro functionality to automate repetitive tasks.

Course Outline

  • Sharing a Workbook
  • Selecting the Correct Chart and Data
  • Editing Charts
  • Understanding Series
  • Trendlines and Error Bars
  • Using Formulae in Conditional Formatting
  • Using Formulae in Data Validation
  • Using Formulae in Names
  • Recording Macros
  • Basic Editing of Macros
  • Using Range Names
  • Relative/Absolute Mode
  • Recording AutoSum for a Varying Range
  • Creating Macro Buttons
  • Optimising Workbook Performance

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