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CorelDRAW Essential Skills

Length: 2 Days    Cost: $875 + GST    Version: CorelDRAW

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About this Course

This specialised course is a must for those wanting to create and design graphics from concept to print production. Lays the groundwork to develop skills in graphic design and is an introduction to some of the special affects possible.


Attendees must be thoroughly conversant with Windows, mouse use and an existing computer application.

Course Outline

Topics Covered

Day 1:

CorelDRAW Screen Control

File Handling

Opening partial files, Cropping, Saving, Templates

Views and Page Layout

Magnify tools, View Manager, Wireframes, Draft,  Grids, Rulers, Paper size, Orientation, Booklet, Trifold


Rectangle, Ellipse, Pentagon/Star, Spiral, Graph, Line, Bezier tools, Outlining and Filling

Editing and Transforming

Stretching, Scaling, Rotating, Mirror, Skew, Clone


Artistic, Paragraph, Symbols, Converting Artistic/Paragraph text, Text Frames, Type Assist

Manipulating Objects

Combining, Grouping, Arranging, Aligning

Day 2:

Fitting Text to a Path

Adding Text to Curves

Editing Tools

Shaping, Knife, Eraser Tool, Node Edit

Special Effects

Blend, Extrude, Perspective, Contour, Envelopes, Power Clip, Lenses

Layers / Object Manager

Multiple layers for large graphics

Productivity Tools

Multimedia Manager, Presets, Scripts

Exporting Objects

EPS, BMP etc file types

Printing and Preferences

Changes to Auto join, Undo etc

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